Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

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The International Educational Program "Pushkin's Petersburg"

An education program for Russian compatriots living abroad was held in St. Petersburg from 25 to 30 November 2013. The program was called "Pushkin's Petersburg". There were 56 participants from 13 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Estonia). The main partner of the program was the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House). Numerous seminars, lectures and presentations on art and life of the poet were held in the premises of Pushkin House. Pushkin House was opened in 1905 as a repository of manuscripts and diaries of the poet.

The opening ceremony of the program took place on 26 November in the Great Conference Hall of Pushkin House. The director of Pushkin House Vsevolod Bagno welcomed the participants of the program. One of the workshops led by Doctor of Philology Sergey Denisenko was dedicated to Pushkin as an artist. The workshop was called "Pushkin draws". Pushkin made more than a hundred self-portraits ​​in the fields to his workbooks. Much of the manuscript heritage of the poet is in the Manuscript Division of Pushkin House. Most of the pictures are dedicated to “Eugene Onegin”. Pushkin's favorite picture, whose hidden meaning has not been exposed to the researchers yet – a cat with the tail to the viewer.

The participants visited a special room where ancient manuscripts created 300-800 years ago are kept. The guests also visited the presentation of the facsimile edition of Pushkin’s "Boldyno manuscripts". The educational part of the event ended with a round table dedicated to the development of Pushkin movement in the world, called "How our word will be responded ...". At the round table the poetess Lada Smirnova from Baku (Azerbaijan) read her poems which were born during a stormy debate about Pushkin and his wife Natalya Goncharova.

Links of the poems:

В защиту Натали
В защиту Пушкина

At the end of the closing ceremony all participants were presented with gifts and certificates from the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg.

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