Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

вівторок, 2 квітня 2013 р.

Reception of Swedish Partners

On March 25, 2013 the students and teachers from Stiernhööksgymnasiets (Rättvick, Sweden) were guests of Lviv High School of Managenment. We were glad to receive our guests in the premises of our school. We prepared for them some presentations about Sweden, Ukraine and Lviv (in the PechaKucha format). Then we had a quiz (in the form of a game "Bang!") and another quiz about world-famous celebrities of Ukrainian and Swedish origin. We hope our guests had fun and liked everything we had made for them. 

The students from Sweden got acquantained with some places of interest in Lviv, visited the Opera House and had a meeting with students from Ivan Franko National University who study Swedish.

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