Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

Участь ліцеїстів у міжнародному проекті "Глобалізація"

субота, 18 січня 2014 р.

Сongratulations on completing the edX course!

Two of my students - Sofyia Stakhiv and Nazar Polekha successfully completed the online edX course "Ideas of the Twentieth Century".

Congratulations on completing the course! 

I hope that the experience has been interesting and informative for you.

Certificates were delivered on January 14th, 2014.

Do you want to know the overall statistics for the course?  Here are some relevant numbers:

Total enrollment: 32,638 
Number of students completing at least 1% of the coursework: 
Number of student completing at least 10% of the coursework: 
Number of students attempting at least one of the 3 graded essays: 
Number of students receiving the certificate:  

Over 60% of those completing at least 10% of the coursework stuck with the course and performed well enough to earn the certificate.  

That is a true accomplishment.

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